Root Canel Treatment is used to save the tooth which would have otherwise neede to be removed. It is needed when the blood or nerve supply of the tooth is infected through decay or injury.

Why is root canal treatment needed?

If the pulp becomes infected, the infection may spread through the root canal system of the tooth, which may eventually lead to an abscess. If Root Canal Treatment (RCT) is not carried out, the infection will spread and the tooth may need to be removed.

Does it hurt?

No. A local anaesthectic is used and the whole procedure should feel no different to that of having an ordinary filling done.

What does it involve?

The aim of the treatment is to remove all infection from the root canal. The root is then cleaned and filled to prevent any further infection. Root Canal treatment is a skilled procedure perform by the specialist. Most courses of treatment will involve two or more visits to your dentist. At the first appointment, the infected pulp is removed. Any abscesses, which may be present, can also be drained at this time. The root canal is then cleaned and shaped ready for the filling. A temporary filling is inserted. The tooth is checked at a later visit and when all the infection has cleared, the tooth is permanently filled.

What will my tooth look like after treatment?

In the past, a root filled tooth would often darken after treatment. However with modern techniques, this does not usually happen. After the Root Canel Treatment, the tooth will look like the adjacent of the same shade.

What if it happens again?

Root canal treatment is usually very successful, however if there should be a recurrence of infection, the treatment can be repeated.

Is it expensive?

Root canal treatment is available on the National Health Service, however, due to the length of time required and the skill needed, many dentists prefer to carry out this treatment on a private basis. Your dentist will be pleased to give you an estimate.

What if I don't have the treatment?

The alternative to RCT is the removal of the tooth. Once the pulp is destroyed, it can't heal and it is not recommended to leave an infected tooth in the mouth. Whilst some people would prefer an extraction, it is usually advisable to keep as many natural teeth as possible.

Will the tooth be safe after treatment?

Yes. However it is advisable to restore the tooth with a crown to provide extra support and strength to the tooth.

Where can this treatment be carried out?

Root Canal Treatment is a routine dental procedure, which your dentist will be happy to provide.

What about aftercare?

Root treated teeth should be treated just the same as any other tooth. Remember to clean your teeth at least once a day, preferably with a fluoride toothpaste. Keep sugary snacks to a minimum, and only to mealtimes if possible. Attend your dentist for regular check-ups.

Our dental clinic is well known for providing highly effective root canal treatment

The root canal is a specialized dental procedure which actually replaces the damaged tooth or the infected pulp with the help of the filling. The dental pulp comprises of the connective tissues, nerves, blood supply which extends into the roots of the teeth. The specialized dental practitioner or the endodontic working at our clinic actually performs the treatment by removing the infected of the tissue from the inner canal of the tooth, thereby refilling and also sealing it. The root canal treatment actually alleviates the infection in the tooth too. It is the process which can also prevent further infections.

Our treatment units are fully equipped with most advanced of the technology and infrastructure

The goal of the root canal treatment in Kolkata is to carry out the removal of all the infections from the root canal itself. Then the root is being cleaned and filled for preventing any sort of further infection. At our dental clinic, our endodontic treat the patients with the highest level of care and professionalism. All our treatment units are fully equipped with the most advanced of the technology and infrastructure. In fact, the newest of the endodontic equipment, instruments along with the filling material is being put to use so that the dental practitioner can keep the entire treatment short even during the complex conditions and also avoid the tooth loss. We believe in extending the best in class and highly personalized dental care in a highly comfortable, relaxed and safe environment

The best in class and highly personalized dental care is extended in a highly comfortable, relaxed and safe environment

Our dental team takes out its time to understand all the concerns as well as the aspirations of the clients. Our highly specialized clinicians fully explain how a particular dental treatment could actually bring a change in your life and restores your confidence. Our dental clinic is well known for providing the highly effective root canal treatment which is performed by our expert endodontic for repairing and saving the badly infected or the decayed tooth. The goal of our root canal specialist in Kolkata is to save the natural tooth of the patient and avoid the extractions as well. The patient will be experiencing an instant relief from the pain after the specialized procedure. However, during the time of the root canal recovery, chewing from the affected side of the mouth should be completely avoided unless and until the final restorations are being done.

Do you feel you require root canal treatment? Then you can contact our customer support team today

This procedure has an overall success rate of 95% and it can also last for a lifetime. Our team of dental practitioners regularly keep themselves up to date with all the innovative techniques and the latest development in the field to provide world-class treatment. If you feel you require the root canal treatment to be done, then you can contact our customer support team which will schedule your appointment with the dental specialist.

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