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A Warm Welcome to Root Canal Department Of Teeth Care Multispeciality Dental Clinic

    We have successfully treated more than 15738 number of patients with the requirement of Root Canal. The only motto of ours is to give highly advanced treatment which will be painless, hassle-free, and economical. We never compromise with our quality of work and have always been honest towards our practices, as a result, we have always been on the top ladder in the choices of our esteem clients whenever they are looking for Best Root Canal Treatment In Kolkata.

Let’s first understand what is Root Canal Treatment & when do you need the same.

    We are talking about a dental procedure that is performed via endodontists as they are specialized to perform such cases with ease. You need a root canal treatment when the nerves and pulp of your toot give you an uncomfortable feeling of pain, irritation, and inflammation together which shows that you and your tooth are having a bacterial infection and need immediate dental treatments. You will also feel immense sensitivity whenever you will be consuming anything which is hot, cold, sweet, or chili. After consuming any of these you will have an unbearable sense of sensitivity and an immense feeling of sharp pain.The effect of this sharp pain will stay there for few minutes and then slowly it will decrease but this can again reach its peak as soon as you will be again consuming any of above mentioned. It's always advisable to get in touch with your dentist as soon as you experience any such incident.

How Root Canal Treatment Is Done?

    First of all, you need to be very relaxed, it is not something which is very rare in fact it’s really very common to have such dental issues which need RCT. Now while doing this procedure we remove the infected tooth post that we fil the tooth hole and then cover the opening. The first step is to examine the infected tooth whether it requires a root canal treatment or some other procedures. Once it's been understood we make our patient understand whatever the situation and what will be the solution for the same. After getting approval from the client we restart procedure of the treatment where the first we make opening on top of the infected tooth before that we give anastasia to that particular zone so that patient will not feel any trouble while conducting this treatment, after that we put a file inside that opening and remove the infection, after this step that we insert gutta-percha with the help of plugger, after that, we sealed the opening of that tooth with feeling and insert post to support the crown and the last stage we put crown cemented to rebuild the tooth. This process can make you feel that it is really painful or it's very lengthy as well as thick. Let me tell you that you don't have to worry about anything about all this. All you need to do is just relax on the chair and rest we assure you that all your issues related to that particular tooth will get resolved. Yes we agree that root canal treatment is one of the most crucial treatments in dentistry, but as you know that we are expertise in this field and we will not let you feel any trouble post this treatment.

What if I don’t do Root Canal Treatment?

    It’s totally up to you whether you want to do an RCT or not but yes both will be having their own and totally different consequences like if you don’t do RCT rather you don’t treat your bacterial infection then this will be causing a dental abscess and unfortunately nerves which are inside that very tooth which gives you sensations and maintain the tooth health will get damaged and eventually your tooth will die. As you can see in the image here you can understand the condition of yours by this that on top of your tooth enamel you will be able to notice some similar decay which will be very easily visible and you can feel the dept of that tooth with the help of tip of your tongue that is very tooth is not as rest of other one which are still in perfect shape and condition.The actual issue as you can see at the root of the tooth there is a good amount of pus that is present and will get more in quality as long as you keep this issue untreated, that is why this is called root canal treatment. Higher the delay in treatment, the higher the pain, discomfort & sensitivity you will be feeling. It's always recommended that you get your issue treated as soon as you notice.

How to understand signs of the Root Canal Issue?

    You will be experiencing abrupt and very sharp pain while biting or chewing even the softest thing. Your tooth will give you alarms via being sensitive whenever you will be consuming anything which is hot or cold. If you are having a cracked or chipped tooth because of an accident. If you can feel or see that your gum has been swollen and it’s having pain and you can also see pimples on your gums along with gums getting dark or showing a deep decay effect. This issue can get fixed really quickly without any trouble, but it has always been noticed that almost 90% of our clients try to live with this issue, try to push the treatment commencement, and wish to suffer as long as they can but at end of their suffering they have to get the treatment anyhow and then post-treatment they regret that why we have not done this months back and thought of ignoring this issue. So we recommend that as soon as you get a feeling of discomfort in your tooth reach your best root canal dentist in Kolkata to get immidiate treatment. Longer you keep your issue higher are the chances this will be giving you immense trouble in your day to day life. So its highly recommended get it treated no need to suffer.

Is Root Canal Treatment A Painful Story?

    It's very obvious that you have you would have heard about RTC from friends or family members, the very first thing which comes to mind after hearing the entire procedure is “pain” but let me tell you that specialized professionals to be very specific and the endodontist will be performing this and we make sure that the entire procedure is really very smooth and painless. But yes it's very natural that you will be experiencing a certain amount of pain after few hours of your root canal treatment that's not really intense but bearable and to cover that up there are medicines which will be helping you. Just to make it really clear almost everyone starts their day-to-day activities from the very day after having this root canal procedure. If you are worried about whether you have to stay at our clinic and you need to get admitted, so let me tell you that no it's not required it's and single day work even Teeth Care Multispeciality Dental Clinic has the excellence of doing root canal treatment on the same day. Yes, you will be finding clinics for single appointment root canal treatment in Kolkata & the best root canal dentist in Kolkata then we are the one-stop exclusive solution for you where you will be getting your root canal procedures done in a single day with the most experienced doctor.

Do I Need To Alter My Diet?

    Well yes, you have to change your diet at least for few days after having a root canal procedure. There are few things that are important for you to understand that root canal procedure is not limited to what we are doing in our clinic, it's a whole process that requires your effort as well as our experience combining together to deliver the best results. While performing the procedure of root canal we can make sure that the process is seamless and very less painful but it's also very important that you too have take care of few things which will be giving this treatment a sweet end tone. For example- you need to avoid food that is hard to chew like biscuits, toffee, candy any food item which requires a good amount of pressure to chew as it will be making things a little difficult for you and can cause pain. You also have to avoid sugar items or at least you have to limit the consumption of the same because that will be causing sensitivity. If you are a diabetic patient then do share with us because accordingly, we will be making your entire route plan for treatment.

When Do I need To Consult My Dentist After Root Canal Treatment?

    We will be e giving you a follow-up date so that we can check whether the entire thing has ended really well or do we need a certain amount of fixation out there or not, but before that, if you are feeling discomfort when you are biting something and it's an uneven experience or the pain is not going after a couple of days of medication or you’re noticing any kind of allergic reaction because of medicine like itching, rash, discomfort or if the Crown which is put on the top is not giving you a comfortable touch and it is coming out or if you are having an experience that there is a swelling inside your mouth then do get in touch with us immediately. Chances of having all these are very rare but if you are facing any of these problems or anything else which you seem to be worried about then get in touch with us immediately and we will be there to fix your issues.

What Are The Charges For Root Canal?

    If you are looking for root canal treatment cost in Kolkata then let me tell you that the prices vary from place to place but what we can guarantee you that at Teeth Care Multispeciality Dental Clinic you will be getting the most reasonable price with the utmost quality of work because the kind of doctors who will be performing the treatment is really exceptional. At Teeth Care Multispeciality Dental Clinic the cost of RCT ranges from 6500 to 16000 depending on the type of root canal procedure you want to go ahead with. If we talk about the price comparison between the US and the rest of the world then you will find a huge difference and reason why you should consider us for your best dental treatments because it's time-saving economical, advanced, and reliable. For example, 1- RCT with metal crown cost 6500 in India approximately and if we compare this with the USA then it is 59340 rupees in the UK it is somewhere around 28950 rupees and Mexico it is somewhere around 40425 rupees to be approx.
    For example, 2- If we talk about RCT done with the help of metal-ceramic dental Crown then in India it is costing approximately 8500 rupees in the USA the same treatment goes all the way up to 70465 rupees whereas in the UK at is ranging and 41064 rupees and in Mexico, it is somewhere near about 51 922 approximately For example, 3- Now if we talk about our city for RCT done with all-ceramic or all metal-free or dental or zirconia root canal treatment then in India it is costing around 14000 rupees whereas in the USA it is going to 87612 Rupees whereas in the UK at a surprisingly going to 110693 and Mexico it is 73010 approximately Please note that the price which we have discussed right now is according to the Forex rate which is meant to go up and down if you want to get a final quotation for any of your dental treatment or to be specific for root canal treatment then please get in touch with us and we will be doing in-depth checking and then we will be giving you the most economical price with amazingly reliable treatment For more information & appointment you can call us directly